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PPC Copywriting

Our section dedicated to Pay-per-click Promotions includes “old school” elements. Lots of “maximization” and “ROI”. Why? Simple. Because PPC is a service focused on budgets: you pay and you get traffic, you convert it and you recover your investment.
Our SEO copywriting services can use this approach if you think it suits you. The sharp and artless character of this technique is perfect for certain sectors and our copywriters can help you hit the target from the first.

Copywriting for social networks

When we talk about social media, however, the atmosphere is different. Less formal. Facebook or Twitter are more casual and oriented towards the idea of ​​socialization.
The essence of social networks is more about concepts and less about numbers. The important thing is the idea of ​​making your audience loyal. This is where creativity comes in.
We are talking about a style that is more fun, easier and less rigid than the classic business approach. We are not saying that one is better than the other. We simply present you the differences. Each technique is used depending on the target and uses different methods to reach it. For us, however, the goal is the same. We make sure that the results are always of the best quality.

Copywriting SEO

When we write a text, for any of the web pages we work on, we think about the readers, who they are. We “talk” to them through your web page. And of course we don’t forget the keywords, because we know how important they are. Leaning towards the reader as the central philosophy of our services brings you leads, makes your phones buzz and convinces customers to buy. Our articles are SEO friendly and the time we invest in keyword research is considerable. Our SEO copywriting services bring you a guaranteed increase in the rank of your page among search engines. Although we work with search engines and algorithms, we never sacrifice the quality of the content. This is because both Google and Bing or Yahoo! prefer that the articles on the web pages are attractive to real readers, not algorithms.

We will make your business more visible without lowering quality standards. You can be sure of it!

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